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FOX News
Feb 15, 2013 2:00am PST
start with the fox news alert. panic overnight in russia after a massive meteorite crashes. (screams) >> you can hear the screams, screams of terror in the rural mountains there. the meteorite streaking through the sky as you can see. right now reports show more than 400 people are hurt because of this. sharp explosions sent glass flying into the air. numerous buildings in russia damaged. and surveillance video showing how strong -- look at this. blowing off the doors and windows in that business. >> really frightening. we will hear more about that in a moment. charred remains found in the ruins of a burnt out california cabin now being identified as that of ex lapd officer christopher dorner. dental records were used to make the positive id. he is accused of killing four people including a police officer and daughter of a former lapd captain. the last remaining world war ii veteran in the senate calling it quits. democratic new jersey senator frank lautenberg is not going to run for reelection next year. he is 89 years old the oldest member of the senate he served for five terms. co
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 2:00am PST
. i will have to hear this. i don't have to believe this. >> 43 after the hour. firs russia. more than 10 people killed in a coal mine explosion. officials say a build up of methane gas caused the blast. in india 3 dozen people are dead after a stampede at a train station. millions gathered for a festival when the stampede happened. most of the vic tills elderly woman. philippines the crocodile tears are flowing today. the largest crock in activity has died. the more than 20-foot long crock is more than 50 years old. heather? >> thank you patti anne. >> as states move forward one state is having trouble meeting overwhelming new patient demands. fox business network diane macedo joins us with those details. good morning diane. >> the big question was how affordable will that care really be. now california has healthcare obstacle they don't have enough money to treat the influx of patients. the american medical colleges 16 of california's 58 counties has a recommended supply of primary care physicians and nearly 30 percent of the state's doctors are approaching retirement age. to combat
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 2:00am PST
of people pushing a lot of buttons. >> you know the meteorites that blew up or crashed in russia on friday there are people going on a gold rush there? >> 20,000 people. that's the number russians are talking about being involved in seekers. it is going tore $22 a graham. 28 grams in an ounce. >> there's gold in these meteorite. >> there's no gold. just actually iron. you would be better getting a clump of dirt from their backyard. they are buying it at almost 40 times the price of gold. little teen teen tiny fragments. >> just the novelty of it. novelty of having a fragment of the meteorite. >> there's a market for everything. >> there is. >> always love having you. thanks a lot. it is 11 minutes after the hour coming up in just a bit could the deadly terror attack in benghazi been pay back for a secret operation run by john brennan. one man says this is the case. you will hear from him next. one lawmaker telling women to give up their guns and use pens and whistles instead? this is dopey as homeland security saying use your scissors. remember that? >> 15 minutes after the top of the hour
FOX News
Feb 1, 2013 2:00am PST
qaeda. >>> israel targeted the convoy to prevent hezbollah from obtaining russia surface to air missiles. many feared extremists would get their hands on the web upons as the civil war carries on. the israeli jets attack the military facility outside of damascus. it is the first strike inside syria since 2007. congress avoiding another deadline for now they say. senate passing a short term suspension for the nation's barrowing limit. the bill was passed by the house of representatives. it suspends the $15.4 trillion debt limit. 450 billion more in borrowing by the government. both chambers bass tpass the budget. the house has passed budgets since they took office. senate hasn't passed one in nearly four years. >>> a tragic ending of a crash at the x games. caleb moore died at a colorado hospital. his 450 pound snowmobile banned on top of him after he fell during a stunt. he had a concussion and internal bleeding. >> weather hitting parts of the country. let's turn to janice dean for a look at that. >> it is cold again. winter is here and the groundhog arrives tomorrow. what do you think
FOX News
Feb 22, 2013 2:00am PST
. no bodies or confirmation of a gun fight in the wake of a clash between grudge gangs. up next to russia we are getting a draw dropping new look at a meteor that crashed there. this is dashcam video as the meteor is speeding toward earth. there's a fireball as it gets closer and closer. it is mostly from broken windows and damage to buildings. archeologists found at least 130 human sacrificed bones that are 1200 years old. they were found in a field of a farm. researchers say the find is historic. more skulls than ever found at famous sacrificial temples in mexico. >> it is 43 after the hour. a n a new report finds more than half of the property owners in michigan did not pay their taxes last year. they had the highest property taxes. many homes 10 times more than they are worth. a study found nearly 1 in 10 teachers did not have the proper credentials to be in the classroom. the problem was worse in under ter forming schools which is low income and latino. budget shortfalls mismanagement and lack of qualified candidates. th >> that extreme weather continue to go hit the midwest this mornin
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)